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Conversational platform that transforms customer communications into a powerful enterprise tool framed by an outstanding digital experience

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Connect your company to digital channels

Threads enables your team to directly connect with your customers via all available digital channels including website, mobile app, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Zalo, WeChat, Line, etc.

See how Threads can help your company

Threads does everything your company needs

  • Customer care

  • Sales and marketing

  • HR support

Look at the best industries for Threads

  • Banks

  • Insurance

  • Retail

  • E-commerce

  • Telecom

  • Outsource сontact centers

Threads is an omnichannel chat platform

Threads is a multilevel software solution that connects digital channels to a single workplace where one can chat with customers. Threads Backend manages all conversations whether it should be directed to a chatbot or enriched by data from integrated systems

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Threads has offices and partners around the world. Contact us to find out more about your region